Location: 3520 SE Yamhill St.

Dates: Saturdays 7/20 - 10/26

Class Time: 10:00 - 12:00 

In this workshop filmmakers of all backgrounds and experience levels will create short documentaries about the Sunnyside Community Center, the new home for NW Documentary. The building is a 100 year old United Methodist Church.

The stories in this workshop will be about the history, the other tenants currently in the building, the staff, the neighborhood, and visions of the buildings future. The participants in this workshop will find stories that interest them. The collection of short documentaries produced in the workshop will provide a mosaic look at the community, the people, and the vision. 

Participants in the workshop will have access to cameras, audio equipment and editing workstations as well as training on camera operations, audio recording, and video editing. No previous filmmaking experience needed.

The workshop is open to everyone from experienced filmmakers to anyone just starting. Contact with any questions.

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